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Children's 12 to 18 years old

At Yando football academy, safety is paramount. Parents must disclose to our staff their child’s medical bulletin. Kids are fully supervised by our academy staff. We provide an environment conducive to growth and adequate learning.


“Our recruitment team scouts for youths with great potential and diligently works with them to transform them into great football prospects”.

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Ball Control and footwork

Our drills prepare kids for a perfect mastery of the Ball. Players are taught to be comfortable on the ball, to have a perfect instant control, to be able to change feet, and to move the ball wherever they want.

Ball passing

We teach our youth how to make short and long passes, how to pass the ball quickly and accurately using different techniques. We also emphasize on the timing and the weight of the pass.


We teach how to shoot for power using proper shooting technique. Kids learn different ways of striking the ball.

Spatial awareness

We teach players about tactical use of space. This entails how to move in relationship to the ball and others actors within the confinement of a limited space.

Tactical skills

We emphasize on passing, dribbling, and defending. Tactical awareness involves knowing the role, understanding positioning on the field, and learning how to make good decisions.